Strike Off Company Services In Malaysia

Fees for Company Strike Off Service
Package AvailableFee (RM)
Company Strike Off under Section 550 CA 2016Start from RM2,000 to RM2,500
Under section 549 of the CA 2016, the Registrar may strike the company name off from Register if:

  • The company is not carrying on business or is not in operation under Section 549(a);
  • In case of winding up and Registrar has reasonable cause to believe that-
    • No liquidator is acting under Section 549 (d)(i) of CA 2016;
    • The liquidator has failed to lodge any return and Liquidator’s Account within a certain time required under Section 549(d)(ii)of CA 2016; or
    • There are no assets or insufficient assets to pay the cost of obtaining an order of the Court to dissolve the Company under Section 549(d)(iii) of CA 2016.

    In determining whether a company is not carrying a business and not in operation, the Registrar may form an opinion based on the following:

    • Information and records of the company kept by Registrar
    • Upon application of striking off by the directors, members, or liquidator, the Registrar is requested to exercise his power under Section 550.

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