i. Company is required to have:
a. Business plan
b. To register company name
c. To submit relevant documents (such as certificate of incorporation, business registeration, M&A of association, Director consent form)
d. Make a payment (registeration fees)
e. Open bank accounts.

ii. 3 Must – do preparation steps
a. Being well-equipped for “offshore” related matters
b. Hiring a good incorporation service provider
c. Making ready for all associated costs

iii. List of business supporting documents (Director business proof) for bank account opening
a. Director
i. Name card and Resume
ii. Passport
iii. Address Proof
b. Certificate of Incorporation for Malaysia Company
c. Registered of Director and Shareholder List
d. Invoices to International Clients
i. 3 different international clients – 1 invoice for each client
ii. Bill of lading and Payment within 12 months
e. Invoices from International Suppliers
i. 3 different international suppliers – 1 invoice for each suppliers
ii. Bill of lading and Payment within 12 months
f. Bank Statement of Malaysia Company
i. Latest 3 months statements
g. Malaysia company brochure
i. If any or photos of your company products