Requirement to register LLP

Requirement to register LLP are :

Name and details of every person who is to be a partner of the LLP, minimum of 2 partners
Name of the proposed LLP
Propose registered address of LLP
If the LLP is formed for the purposes of carrying on any professional practice, the application shall be accompanied by an approval letter from the governing body as specified in the third column of the First Schedule of the LLP Act 2012;
Name and details of compliance officer(s) of the LLP
Nature business of LLP

Fees for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

DescriptionFee (RM)
Limited Liability Partnership Incorporation Fee2,500
For setting up a LLP, please complete the LLP Setup Form.

LLP registration fee of RM 2,500 includes:-

Description of servicesFee charge (RM)
Assisting in registering one of the partners as Compliance Officer and register for LLP using MyLLP Portal.
(Partner that appointed as Compliance Officer may need to visit SSM office to verify yourself and activate MyLLP Account)
Appointment of minimum 2 partners250.00/person
Name Search & Reservation of LLP name30.00
Registration fee payable to SSM500.00
Preparing documents registration of LLP300.00
Preparing standard Partnership Agreement1,000.00
Stamping fee of Partnership Agreement (2 copies)20.00
Preparing of resolution to open a bank account (up to 2 accounts)100.00
One set of business profile and registration certificates from SSM50.00
Amongst others, LLP is featured with the protection of limited liability to its partners, similar to the limited liability enjoyed by shareholders of a company coupled with the flexibility of internal business regulation through partnership arrangement similar to a conventional partnership.
Any debts and obligations of the LLP will be borne by the assets of the LLP and not that of its partners’. An LLP has the legal status of a body corporate which is capable of suing and being sued on its own, holding assets and doing such other acts and things in its name as bodies corporate may lawfully do and suffer.
LLP also offers flexibility in terms of its formation, maintenance, and termination while simultaneously having the necessary dynamics and appeal to compete domestically and internationally. With the introduction of LLP, entrepreneurs will have more options to choose the most preferred business vehicle.

Nevertheless, you shall designate a Compliance Officer chosen among the partners, who shall be an undischarged bankrupt, not disqualified for directorship under the Companies Act 2016 and ordinarily reside in Malaysia, before you may be incorporated.

Incorporation of LLP will be done between 5-7 working days and subject to MyLLP system availability and LHDN processing time.

  1. Fill in our LLP incorporation form and return it to us together with all information required by us.
  2. Proceed to check the availability of the LLP name and we will inform you back.
  3. Once payment is received, we assist one partner who is appointed as Compliance Officer to register MyLLP account.
  4. Partner appointed as Compliance Officer has to go nearest SSM branch to verify himself and activate the account.
  5. After MyLLP account is activated, we will submit for name reservation using your MyLLP account.
  6. Once a name is approved, we will prepare incorporation documents and arrange for all partners to sign.
  7. Done with the signing part, we proceed for submission of incorporation with SSM.
  8. Purchase of digital certificate registration of LLP.
  9. Stamping of LLP agreement with LHDN (2 copies).
  10. We prepare and send a complete set of incorporation documents to your side.